A Green Relocation Tool for all Your Family needs

We rank commuting is our least favorite activity. People with longer commute time report systematically lower well-being. Yet, most of us spend more than an hour a day in traffic. For families, the daily commute pattern is a complex web of who-when-where. The Optimal Home Location tool shrinks this web of commuting by finding a minimal commute location for your home. It saves time, reduces transportation expenses, lowers carbon footprint and improves your well-being.

See what tool does.

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Disclaimer: The calculations suggest a geometrically optimal solution for your commute pattern. They do not take into account the feasibility of the area for living. Carefully verify the result before making any real estate decisions. We do not bear any responsibility for any potential losses incurred after using this tool. Zillow's Real Estate data is based on 2000 census (latest available). © Zillow, Inc., 2009. Use is subject to Terms of Use.

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